6 Loudspeaker cabinets

6.14.3 Tools

What tools do you need for proper cab construction? We'll start at a basic level and move up from there.

  • Electric drill: THE most basic tool of any DIYer. Of course, you need drill bits to go with it. A countersink bit is also nice to have.
  • Hack saw: If you're not cutting your own panels, all you need for a saw is one to make the speaker mounting holes.
  • Electric jigsaw:
  • Plunge router: with long straight bit and compass. Allows you route perfectly round and countersunk speaker mounting holes.
  • Circular saw: absolute necessity if you want to cut your own panels.
  • Saw table: an even better solution for cutting your own panels.
  • Dowel kit: Dowels are small wooden rods used to invisibly position and fix two panels. For $10 or less you can get a dowel kit. It consists of one or more center pinches and a depth settable drill bit. First you drill a hole as deep as half the length of the dowel. Then you insert the center pinch and position the second work piece. The center pinch will leave a mark exactly where to drill the opposing hole. Remove the center pinch, insert the dowel and you're done.
  • Clamps: to aid with holding the pieces together.
  • Grinder: for surface treatment, if any.
  • Pop rivet wrench: with grooved (wood) pop rivets. Necessary if you want to finish the cabinet with flightcase hardware.
  • Silicone gun:
  • Coarse and fine files:
  • :

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