1 Amplifier types

1.1 Combo

bass guitar combo

The most commonly used type of bass guitar amplifier is the combo. One unit contains all of the aforementioned subsystems:

  • Preamplifier: also known as input amplifier, often with gain knob. The term "preamp" is often used to describe both the preamplifier and the signal processor. Technically, these are separate parts 2.1 Preamplification
  • Signal processor 2.2 EQ - Equalization: tone knobs or equalizer, effects, master volume knob
  • Additional features may or may not be built in: effects loop 2.6 Effects loop, compressor 2.7 Processor types, tuner output, DI output 2.3 DI - Direct Inject
  • Power amplifier 5 Power amplifiers
  • Loudspeaker cabinet 6 Loudspeaker cabinets

A combo is the least flexible but often most compact, lightweight and cost effective way to amplify a bass guitar. But if you don't like one specific part about it, you have no choice but to replace the whole unit.

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