2 Signal processing

2.1 Preamplification

The first thing in every bass amplification system is the preamplifier. It takes the signal from the bass, which is low-current (in the 10 μA range), low-voltage (in the 100 mV range), and boosts it to medium-current (apx. 10 mA), medium-voltage (apx. 2 V). This is necessary to keep noise and interference minimal. The term "preamplifier" is often used to describe the unit that houses the preamplifier and the signal processor. Technically, these are separate parts. But in case of a tube preamp, the preamp section itself has its own "sound", so an important part of the tone shaping takes place there. Some transistor amps may have an input section with a saturation circuit, to simulate the characterics of a tube preamp.

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