5 Power amplifiers

5.13 Stereo and bridge

Most power amplifiers have two channels. The intended application for a 2-channel amp is a stereo setup, as it is desirable to have two absolutely identical amplifiers for left and right. However, amplifying a monaural bass guitar in stereo is hardly ever needed, but having two independent amplifier channels may have several advantages:

  • Dual mono or parallel: The same signal is fed to both channels, each driving a cabinet
  • Bridge: Most 2-channel amps provide a possibility to link up both channels into one channel with double power. However, the minimum load impedance 5.3 Minimum load is also doubled
  • Bi-amp 5.12 Bi-amping: An active crossover 6.6 Crossovers is put in the signal chain; one channel amplifies the low frequencies, the other channel gets the high frequencies
  • Stereo: Obviously for use with two (identical) cabinets. Some effects processors create stereo effects from a monaural source, and in this case a stereo setup may be interesting

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